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Canadian fashion label Narces is synonymous with femininity and glamour. Designer Nikki Wirthensohn is at the helm of the label and creates stunning cocktail dresses and evening wear that has become the go-to for fashionable Canadian women. Narces recently debuted its spring/summer 2015 collection at World MasterCard Fashion Week to rave reviews from media and industry folks. The collection was breathtaking from start to finish. Incorporating luxe fabrics and pastels, Narces’ collection has been one of the best of the week.

From left, The Peacock Parade content manager, Katie Beattie, Narces designer Nikki Wirthensohn, The Peacock Parade co-founder Jan Gandhi backstage at WMCFW

From left: The Peacock Parade content manager, Katie Beattie, Narces designer Nikki Wirthensohn, The Peacock Parade co-founder Jan Gandhi backstage at WMCFW

Narces SS2015

Narces SS2015

The Peacock Parade caught up with Nikki Wirthensohn after her runway show and here’s what she told us…

Peacock Parade: The Narces woman is…

Nikki Wirthensohn: Someone who likes to have fun, is confident, likes to express themselves with clothing and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

PP: The world needs more…

NW: Glamour! We dress down way too much.

PP: My inspiration for this collection is…

NW: Victorian-era birdcages.

PP: If I could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be…

NW: Quentin Tarantino.

PP: My style is…

NW: So tough to figure out! My mood changes all of the time. I can’t even pick out my clothes the night before because I’m shifting all of the time.

Narces SS2015

Narces SS2015

PP: If I had more time I would…

NW: Do a lot more painting.

PP: Canadian fashion is…

NW: A lot of designers out there who are trying something new!

PP: My biggest strength is…

NW: Creativity- not only design- but in all areas of life.

PP: The best part of my job is…

NW: Getting to design and be creative, learn and move forward by not having to do the same thing over and over again.

Narces SS2015

Narces SS2015

PP: The best part of WMCFW is…

NW: Everything you have done for the past season comes together at the end- on the runway. You see it move on a person. You see how it photographs.

For those of you who can’t wait to get their hands on a fabulous Narces frock, starting today at 11am The Peacock Parade will hosting a Narces sale with dresses at up to 75% off. How’s that for awesome?

Q+A with Jonathan Elias

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Jonathan Elias is the proprietor of Lost & Found – a coffee and clothing boutique and Shop My Clothes – an online destination where people can buy and sell designer duds. Elias has teamed up with The Peacock Parade to bring you fabulous designer vintage finds. Having been in the fashion business for quite a while, we decided to pick Elias’ brain and ask him about his ingenious business, his fashion sense and the appeal of vintage. 

Jonathan Elias - fashion entrepreneur

The Peacock Parade: Where did the idea to start Shop My Clothes come from?
Jonathan Elias: At the time I had been working in fashion for about 5 years and had accumulated, shall we say, a sizeable closet (it was overflowing).  I started to explore the different avenues to somehow recycle or sell my clothes and the options I found out there were few and far between.  There wasn’t a site that concentrated on selling pre-owned fashion and fashion-only, so I saw what I considered a need in the market.  Essentially there was something missing.
TPP: Describe your fashion sense.
JE: My fashion sense has definitely evolved over the years.  I would say I’ve settled on classic, minimalist pieces that stand the test of time, with a little bit of floral mixed in there.  Truthfully, I love a good oxford, a pair of chinos and my Aldens…daily wear.  

Vintage Dolce & Gabbana - available now on The Peacock Parade

TPP: If you can chose, what’s been your favourite Shop My Clothes find?
JE: My favourite ShopMyClothes find…wow…there have been so many but I would have to say my Alden Context tanker boots.  For a couple of reasons.  You NEVER find these online used (I have an affinity for used shoes for some reason) let alone your size, for half the price and in fantastic condition.  I called this a serendipitous find and one I couldn’t pass up.  It’s rare but as the site grows its been happening more and more lately which is a good and bad thing (my bank account has suffered!).

TPP: Which male celebrities  do you think have the best style?
JE: I don’t really pay attention to celebrity style, I usually find inspiration on the street and everything around me.  But if I had to name a few I would probably go with Paul Newman, Steve McQueen and more recently, James Franco, Ryan Gosling and Andre 3000.

From left, Andre 300, James Franco and Ryan Gosling

TPP: Why do you think people love vintage items so much?
JE: Fashion is essentially circular and pieces that were made years ago that stand the test of time will ALWAYS come back into fashion.  There’s an affinity for finding a piece that sculpts the way fashion is viewed and those are mainly the vintage pieces from the past.  It’s like you’re owning an influential piece of fashion history.

TPP: What is your fashion pet peeve?
JE: Fashion pet peeve…dragging your feet while wearing a pair of Ugg boots.  Nothing is more wrenching on the ears and eyes.

Vintage Giambattista Valli - available on The Peacock Parade


 Jonathan Elias photo courtesy of Jonathan Elias, celebrity photos via

Q+A with Jennifer Choy

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Jennifer Choy is a PR girl by day and a  blogger by night. Her love of fashion is 24/7.  She recently launched her blog, Tory meets Ralph, where she styles and photographs fabulous people, including herself. The blog acts as a  journal but also offers advice and tips for fashion lovers. The Peacock Parade caught up with the lovely Jennifer Choy and asked her some serious fashion questions. 

Gorgeous photo of Jennifer Choy from Tory meets Ralph blog

The Peacock Parade: What one piece of clothing should every woman have in her wardrobe?

Jennifer Choy: I’d say a tailored blazer. Blazers are obviously great with a skirt or dress pants but they can also be paired with casual items. I’ve worn a blazer to a formal interview and then worn the same blazer with ripped jeans and flip flops.

TPP: Who are some of your fav designers?

JC: For everyday clothing, I love Ralph Lauren. I’m unapologetically preppy. I love clean lines and simplicity. The best thing about Ralph Lauren is that his collections are timeless. I’d wear everything from his 1996 ready-to-wear right now and I can’t say the same thing for other designers. I also like Rad Hourani. The concept of having a unisex line of clothing is fascinating. As for formal dresses and gowns, hands down, Valentino.

From left, Ralph Lauren, RAD by Rad Hourani, Valentino SS2012

TPP: Whose Fall 2012 collection wowed you the most this season?

JC:  I really liked Victoria Beckham’s Fall 2012 collection. There was a military feel to her designs but it was all still extremely sexy and feminine. Structure is key for her and I love that she incorporates colour blocking into her designs.

Victoria Beckham FW2012

TPP: What’s your favourite thing about fashion blogging?

JC: I don’t just discuss fashion in my blogs. I bring my everyday life into it and I try to let my styling and photographs speak for themselves. Sometimes I jabber on about my weekends but I always bring it back to an outfit.  My blog is just a way for me to do something I enjoy  – putting together outfits, styling people and taking photos of them looking absolutely stunning.

TPP: Who is your celebrity fashion crush?

JC: Blake Lively. She has this effortless California girl vibe that I love. She looks hot on the red carpet, super coiffed but equally hot wearing jeans and a tee.

Blake Lively at the premiere of Savages

TPP:  Describe your fashion sense?

JC: I think my style is a good mix of preppy, bohemian and a little bit glam. I’m on trend but I’m never way out there. I appreciate those who can wear wacky clothes and look great but I’m very aware of what I can and can’t get away with.

TPP: What is your most coveted piece?

JC: That changes but right now, it’s my lace dress. I featured it on my blog recently. Someone, who I’ll describe as “fashionably challenged” told me they didn’t like it. I took that as confirmation that it was fantastic.

Jennifer Choy wearing a great blazer, lace dress and Biko necklace purchased from The Peacock Parade

TPP: How often do you shop online?

JC: I shop online alot. It’s a great way to get killer deals that you’d never find in stores. My most unique pieces were purchased online so I say give it a go and you’ll become an addict like me. Another benefit of online shopping for me is that I can take all the time I want to browse and change my mind. There’s no sales lady pressuring you to buy anything. I could literally online shop for hours, maybe days.

TPP: What is your fashion pet peeve?

JC: I absolutely hate when people wear all their monogrammed designer items at once. It’s  horrible to bust out your Burberry scarf and pair it with your Louis Vuitton purse and throw on your D&G t-shirt and your Gucci belt. I also hate bra straps showing. That’s a huge fashion no no in my books. Don’t do it kids, just don’t do it.

Photos courtesy of  Jennifer Choy. Runway photos via