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Peacock Parade, LOULOU and MasterCard, oh my!

By Diana   |    November 30, 2011 12:03 pm    |   Fashion News, The Peacock Parade Blog   |    off

Ahhh! Another partnership made in fashion heaven! Your favourite online sales site, The Peacock Parade has teamed up with LOULOU Magazine and MasterCard to help you save some more money on your next visit to The Peacock Parade. Pick up the newest copy of LOULOU Magazine for a special promo code to use with your MasterCard to receive a $25 credit towards your next purchase. With free shipping available for a limited time and the MasterCard/LOULOU promotion, it’s a perfect time to get shopping.

In addition, the fabulous editors at LOULOU, have gone through the upcoming Peacock Parade sales and picked out some of their favourite items. Look for their current picks on the ToyWatch sale already available now.

ToyWatch available on The Peacock Parade

ToyWatch Missoni available on The Peacock Parade

ToyWatch available on The Peacock Parade

The Glitterati

By Diana   |    November 28, 2011 11:27 am    |   Accessories, The Peacock Parade Blog   |    off

I am a total shoe junkie and when it comes to a little sparkle, I can’t resist. With holiday season just around the corner, sequins are the icing on your fabulous outfit cake. Whether you’re wearing a cocktail dress with embellishment or a hoodie and jeans, there isn’t an ensemble out there that won’t look good with some sequins. Being a popular trend right now in footwear, why not let your feet take the spotlight? These are some of my favourite shoes that are perfect for party season.

Miu Miu



Miu Miu

Miu Miu

Pedro Garcia


By Diana   |    November 27, 2011 10:40 am    |   Fashion News, The Peacock Parade Blog   |    1 Comment

The fashion industry knows how to stur controversy – whether they mean to or not. The most recent hoopla is all about high fashion ads that portray young women in “irresponsible” ways.

Weeks ago, Marc Jacobs’ ad for his fragrance, Oh Lola! featuring Dakota Fanning, was banned in the UK for sexualizing a minor. In the campaign, Fanning has the flower shaped bottle placed between her inner thighs. It’s not horribly offensive but the innuendos are certainly there.

Dakota Fanning for Marc Jacobs' Oh Lola!

Not to be outdone, Miu Miu recently released a clothing ad featuring 14-year old actress, Hailee Steinfeld sitting on train tracks and looking sad. Of course the British Advertising Standards Authority saw this as glamourizing teen suicide and has banned this as well. The Prada Group maintains that she was only being pensive (and not wiping a tear) and added that the ad is targeting adults so very few teens will even see the campaign.  

Hailee Steinfeld for Miu Miu

Whatever you think of these ads (right or wrong), my question is, why are these companies using young girls in their ads to begin with? With so many models and actresses available over the age of 18, why not use one of them? But, having said that, I think the Miu Miu image is actually quite lovely.


Let us know what you think.


By Diana   |    November 25, 2011 9:18 am    |   The Peacock Parade Blog   |    off

With the stress of the holidays fast approaching, the promise of a vacation in the near future is just what we need to get us through. But fashionistas like us can’t just go anywhere – we need to pick a place that’s warm, fun and uber trendy. So why not head down to Santa Monica, California? Schmooze, kick back, relax and get treated like a star…and maybe even meet a few. From December 5 – 20, The Peacock Parade will be offering an exclusive discount on hotel stay, with a bunch of perks. More fabulous details to come!

Hotel Shangri-La

Show off your chic duds and roll your LV luggage over to Hotel Shangri-La on Ocean Avenue. Located on the doorstep of the Pacific Ocean, this beautiful boutique hotel is a known celebrity hotspot. Madonna, Sean Penn, Diane Keaton and Bill Clinton are all said to have been guests. In fact, Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg hosted a Fourth of July party there in 2009.

Benji Madden leaving Hotel Shangri-La

Boasting an exquisite view, secluded pool for you and your entourage and a poolside lounge, you might never want to leave the hotel. Art Deco and old Hollywood glamour rolled in to one, it’s the perfect spot for paparazzi shots of you and your pals.

The view from Hotel Shangri-La

Poolside party

Check out this fabulous hotel and get your holidays started off right!

Holiday Sparkle

By Jan   |    November 23, 2011 11:46 am    |   The Peacock Parade Blog   |    off

Who doesn’t like a little bling to glam up an outift? It’s holiday party season and it’s time to start planning outfits. I don’t know about you, but no outfit of mine is complete without the use of some sparkle. I love jewelry that makes a statement and my favourite brand happens to do just that – Kenneth Jay Lane. Kenneth Jay Lane’s pieces are so unique, beautiful and perfect for the holidays. Here are a few pieces that I am adoring right now…

Kenneth Jay Lane 22 Karat Gold Jaguar Cuff

Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal Panther Ring

Kenneth Jay Lane Silver Plated Pave Crystal Chain Bracelet

Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Crystal Clip Earrings

Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Starburst Drop Earrings


Don’t forget to add Kenneth Jay Lane to your holiday wish list! Some of his pieces will be available on The Peacock Parade during the Black Friday sale so don’t miss out.