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Spring 2011 Trend Watch – Earn Your Stripes

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It looks like nautical stripes are back in a big way for Spring/Summer 2011. From Jil Sander to Marc by Marc Jacobs, runways across the globe were chock full of stripes and bands. At the epicenter of this patterned trend, Prada’s collection was almost entirely striped. This season stripes proved to be innovative and fabulous, and with Prada leading the march this Spring trend can definitely be considered essential.

Designers have taken this classic sailor print and wrapped it around casual tees, suits and even cocktail dresses. As a modern twist, the lines extend from every direction –horizontal, diagonal and vertical – and are multi-coloured for a little extra pizzazz.

If you’re an accessories junkie, don’t panic, striped handbags, shoes and bracelets are all on trend!

In the past, stripes have been frowned upon by some women, especially curvier ones, for their dreaded “widening” effect. And although I must admit that this can sometimes be the case, not all stripes are created equal. This season, with so many different options and ways to wear them, there is a perfect stripe out there for everyone.

Here are some things to consider when you hit the shops:

  • One option is to opt for a vertical line, which draws the eye up and down and not side to side. This can actually create a lengthening and slimming effect overall.
  • Head-to-toe stripes may not be the ideal outfit for you, so wear only one striped piece at a time; you maintain balance and proportion.
  • Try on different sized stripes and see which one works for you. A thicker stripe can actually accentuate the waist and the bust.
  • If you’re not ready for full stripes, layer them under a blazer or cardigan. This way, you’re able to see a little bit of the pattern without feeling self-conscious.

Cure for the Fashion Cold

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Salt-ridden boots, frost-bitten hands and a nose so red that Rudolph would blush – we Canadians know the drill! For winter isn’t merely a season for our home and native land, it is a 6-month battle with Mother Nature’s wrath. But between the extreme cold weather reports and plowing through slushy sidewalks in downtown Toronto, fashion must carry forward!

Here are a few cold fashion remedies that will keep you stylish all season long:

1)  Get that show-stopping coat!

Getting that unique coat is the first step to standing out among the crowd. When it is practically the only article of clothing majority of people will see, shouldn’t you make it your statement piece?

Look for coats that do not compromise your warmth by focusing on polyester woven or quilted coats with unique detailing. Khaki Moncler and Tahari’s Marianna coat provides unconventional silhouettes with their enlarged hoods. Too dramatic for you? How about Marc New York, Miss Sixty or Burberry Brit’s variation of a common silhouette? Marc New York provides a more flattering approach to the long coat by adding a belt, and provides extra warmth its turtleneck neckline, whereas, the Miss Sixty and Burberry Brit play with color to keep you standing out from the crowd.

2) Play with accessories.

The best thing about winter is the vast amount of extra accessories we get to play with! Keep your ears, neck and hands warm all season long by playing with colors, prints and textures such as fur, and thicker knits. Try buying gloves and scarves as sets. This will allow you to mix and match and try different combinations. And don’t forget to have fun with festive prints and unexpected colors! Keep your hair in place by opting for adorable earmuffs or loose fitting berets instead of hats.

3) Don’t shy away from heels this winter.

Winter months don’t have to be heel-less, ladies! Of course, our regular-seasoned shoes just won’t do, so hit the stores and find the perfect pair that will help you stomp through the slush. Look for shoes with extra tread on the soles to provide you with grip and a thicker heel for balance. Be picky with material – find something that will be both visually pleasing and keep your feet nice and dry because moist socks are never on trend! Lastly don’t forget your shoe protector. Spray your shoes every so often to help them keep up with the snow and last you all season long.

4) Tips and Tricks.

  • Wear pantyhose under your leggings and jeans. You’ll be surprised on how much warmth you’ll get from the extra layer.
  • Wear tanks under tops, cardigans over tops and chucky sweaters over cardigans – layering provides the best opportunity to experiment with combining colors, patterns and textures and when done right can result in the most fashionable of outfits.
  • Wear knee-high or thigh-high socks over pantyhose when wearing skirts to provide you with both warmth and that gossip-girl inspired school girl look!
  • And don’t forget your Starbucks, because let’s face it – a venti will always be the most fashionable way to stay warm!

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